Your Investment

You get to share your finished products with your family and friends, not just through social media or the internet, but on your walls, where you can enjoy them all year long! Each finished portrait is guaranteed to withstand the test of time and can be passed down to future generations. Your photography experience begins with a design session where all your questions and concerns are addressed and your session is designed to create the custom timeless portraits your will enjoy in your home. Your interested in a session, but want to know what exactly is includes! I am happy to tell step by step here:

Design Session - We begin with a design session. We will sit down over lite refreshments and discuss what you are looking to get from your session. We figure out your style and the end goal for your pictures. Then we move on to discuss wardrobe, hair & makeup (additional), and props if needed. Followed by me asking several questions to get to know you a little more and anyone else being photographed. At the end of the design session we schedule your photo session for about a week or two later.

Some sessions include hair & makeup upon request, a cake & balloons, specialty props, gowns, location, etc. If it is needed for the session I include it. If you have trouble with figuring out wardrobe I help you. Consider me your personal shopper. I will come to your home and help you shop your closet or go shopping with you if it is needed to help you style your families wardrobe for your session. We want everyone to look their best for picture day, while keeping you as little stressed as possible.


Session Day - I will ask you arrive a few minutes early for your session whether it be inside or on location so we can review everything, make small adjustments to clothing, wiping children's faces, last minute feedings, fixing hair and just getting everyone comfortable. I answer any questions before we get started with introductions. Then, we get started. On average a session takes between 1 and 3 hours depending on the type of session.

Viewing/Ordering Day - About a week after picture day you come back to the studio for your ordering session. This is the exciting part! You get to sit down and enjoy lite refreshments while viewing a slideshow of candid moments followed by your pictures in the form of printed proofs. It can be overwhelming but I am there to help. We narrow down the proofs together with the end goal that we discussed at your planning session in mind. Any image you love and order gets sent to my professional print lab and you receive the finished matching hi-res files on a USB.

We offer finished wall portraits, custom lay flat albums and folio boxes and you receive the matching hi-res digital matching every image sent to the lab delivered on a beautiful dark walnut USB so you can print the smaller prints for family and friends at a lab of your choice. You may also receive an online gallery so you can share with your friends and family if you purchase an Album! On average clients spend 2200 and up between the session and the finished products ordered. The final amount all depends on you, your budget, the products you prefer, and the images you love. You decide on the final amount you spend.  I will not be the pushy sales person!

Prints and digital files are additional, because of the customization required for printing each piece from sizing & design to finished material. Whether you want a memory box filled with matted 8x10’s, Framed hand brushed 30x40 fine art portrait, or a 20 page 10x10 custom album holding all your favorite images. I do all the work from finishing the images to sending to the print lab. When they return to the studio, I inspect everything to make sure the quality is there. Once it passes inspection I package your order up and contact you to set up a date and time for delivery. It usually takes between 4 to 8 weeks for finished pieces to arrive depending on what is purchased.

Product Delivery - I provide home delivery and free wall art installation of your finished pieces or you can pick your order up in the studio. This way you can choose based on which option is convenient for you.

All printed pieces ordered through my lab receive a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If there is ever any issues with your pictures outside of normal wear, you can contact me and I will do my best to get the issue fixed. I also guarantee if anything happens to your pictures that is out of your control such as fire, water, storm, etc. I am happy to get your pictures reprinted so you have those precious memories.

I know this is a lot of information, but it is what you can expect! If you have a need for photography whether it be a maternity, newborn, family, or senior session I would love to serve you this year. You can book your planning session today.

If you have any questions or concerns reach out today and I will do my best to help.

Ready to book your design session?

You are interested but want to know what the prices look like for printed pieces.  Great!!! You can download my current client guide which contains the prices as well as more details of what to expect.  I am always here to help!